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Premier Fitness Systems has put together a revolutionary golf-performance program that brings together top golf instruction, fitness, flexibility, and some of the best in TPI training.

  1. College Golf Mobility Program
  2. Ten Minute Neural Primer for Glutes & Hammies 
  3. Neural Primer Hypermobile Golfer
  4. 4 Week Golf Workout
  5. LPGA Pre-Round Workout
  6. 15 Minute Lower Body Mobility Flow
  7. PGA Pre-Round Routine
  8. 10 Minutes to Better Golf Guide for the 50+ Golfer
Training for a Better Golf Swing

“Since we started working together, I am much more in tune with my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. Thanks to PFS, I can honestly say I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Strength, flexibility, and movement wise, as we tackle each weakness, or lack of body awareness once exercise at a time.”

Ryan O’Toole – LPGA

“PFS provides a competitive atmosphere that encourages you to get better every day both on and off the course.”

Scott Stallings – PGA Tour

Better Hip Turn

“One of the main reasons why I choose to train at PFS has been their incredible knowledge of the human body. I believe they have really changed the fitness game with their movement philosophy.”

Andrew Yun – PGA Tour

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