We believe that athletes at any level should have one fundamental similarity, the ability to move well. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, grandparent, youth athlete or even one of our pros, all of our programs focus on the fundamentals of movement, establishing proper patterns and sequencing, and then building strength and power upon that foundation. Our goal is to take an individual’s game to the next level, and having worked closely with some of the best athletes in the world, we’ve been able to develop a system that can help clients of all ages at any level.

All client’s start with an initial evaluation. Our eval consists of a table test, assessing joint range of motion from head to toe, paired with movement screens and a comprehensive health history questionnaire. This allows us to develop a BLUEPRINT of the athlete standing before us, and build a training program that we can execute either live at PFS, via Facetime, or on the Premier Fitness Systems APP.