The original EVERYDAY HIP PLAN for better golf has been upgraded!

The EVERYDAY HIP 2.0 is not only for golfers, but athletes, anyone who enjoys to be active, or anyone who has an all day sitting/standing job that has had chronic hip stiffness or pain.

The EVERYDAY HIP 2.0 plan is not just for golfers and provides you:

– In depth descriptions
– Better quality and longer videos detailing how to do drills correctly
– Videos with Ando giving voice instruction of new terms
– Detailed programming for each day and week, (first 2 weeks being different from the last 2 weeks that will continue programming and more progressive)
– Foam rolling drills
– Advanced drills with modifications

Equipment needed: foam rollers, yoga block, boxes, wall

EVERYDAY HIP PLAN 2.0 is an upgrade from the original version. The plan includes additional benefits and improved techniques!


If completed correctly for the full 4 weeks you may see improvement in the following areas:

– Range of motion
– Less pain
– Stability
– Squat position
– Strength in other areas
– General workouts
– Running form
– Golf swing
– Hinging Pattern


“I have been using the Hip Programs for almost a year now and not only has my golf game improved but my body as well. Does not take me as long to warm up for a round, have better energy towards the end of the round and feel better the next day after long practice sessions.”
– Jay Moore, former Nebraska Football Player/Amateur Golfer

“Last year I was really struggling with back problems before I contacted Ando. I’ve always struggled with lower back stiffness due to early extension in my swing and lots of overuse as a practice to be a professional golfer. The first Hip plan really opened up my hips/lower body, which ultimately allowed me to have greater access to my rotational components during my swing.”
– James Lee, Professional Golfer

“The Hip Plan has transformed my game, opened up my hips and made everyday movement much easier.For someone who works at a desk 9+ hours a day, I can definitely feel a huge difference.”
– Will Hutchins , Amateur Golfer

“As a fellow TPI and strength coach, I can say Ando’s hip program is a game changer. I’ve run through it multiple times now and get improvements/relief every time! Keeps my game and squat sessions always A+!”
– Ryan Sudduth, Strength Coach/TPI Trainer

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