Golf Fitness Warm Up – With Blair O’Neal

We have been doing this a long time! We love golf, we love movement and we love problem solving to connect the dots so you don’t have to! 

Team PFS is a group of like minded fitness professionals all with a passion for health, fitness, movement and helping people achieve their goals! Our primary goal is to continue to get smarter at helping you achieve your goals! 

Today we have access to a lot of very beneficial things! Like the internet! With this access comes many great opportunities! But, it also brings a lot of information and the problem with all this information is not knowing who to trust and what information is the right information for you. We hope this is were we can fit in. Be the quarterback and connect the dots! Direct you to the fitness and performance content that works for your. 

The goal of this post is to give you some pretty basic movements that can help prep you for your workouts, a round of golf or even starting your day. I am going to share 2 videos that will guide you through a great warm up and a warm that can be used prior to playing golf.

We like using body weight exercises and “flows” as tools to prepare you to train hard, play golf or really anything you want to do at a high level. The warm up is in many ways the most important part of your performance.

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On to the warm up! 

For the warm up video we have a great friend Blair O’Neal doing the demoing. Most of you will know Blair from the Golf Channel and the school of golf.

Check out some of her work here. School of Golf 

In this video Blair takes you through a golf fitness warmup that warms up the hips, spine, hamstrings, shoulders and core. This warm up is very versatile and can be used for a pre-round warm up, a warm up for your golf fitness and strength training and even a morning or night routine to maintain and increase your flexibility and joint health.

In the second video I take you through a similar warm up that is designed to be more of a maintenance workout. Although it can be used as part of your prep prior to playing or training.

Bonus Content 

Blair O’Neal demonstrating a great exercise for better hamstring and glute strength!


We hope this post helps you in your quest for increased health and performance!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

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