3 Golf Fitness Exercises for Longer Drives

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Hey Everyone,

It’s Dallas here at Premier Fitness System and I wanted to just give you a sneak peek into some of the things we can do here to help you maximize your power and distance! 

Today I’m going to just go over how training for the appropriate adaptations can have a positive effect on the ability to hit the golf ball further! 

Whether we are performing a bench press in the gym or hitting a driver out on the golf course, we are creating “force”. 

Force = mass x acceleration 

And what we will look at improving today, power is defined as;

Power = force / time

Breaking it down, the more force we can create in a shorter period of time will result in a greater ability to create “power”

We are going to go through 3 drills for developing more power/speed In your golf swing.

1. Vertical Power – split squat jump

2. Rotary Power – depth – 90* box jump

3. Ground Force Production – overhead throw w/ bracket technique

Hit em Long
– Dal

Dallas Mengel

  • B.S.c Kinesiology
  • CSCS
  • TPI – Fitness Level 2 | Power Level 2 | Golf Level 2 | Junior Level 2
  • Instagram: dallas_pfs
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