High Performance Golf Fitness Training

For the second year in a row team PFS golf performance has 2 golf fitness [...]

Getting a Personalized Workout Plan from a Certified Trainer is Now Easier With Our Online Coaching Program

Whether your motivation to get up and move more feels nonexistent, you don’t know what [...]

5 Exercises Every Golf Needs To Be Doing

Our philosophy is simple: quality movement precedes quality training and performance. Movement efficiency is the [...]

Best Golf Training Programs – Move To Better Golf Performance

Like any athlete the modern golfer needs the ability to move well and express their [...]

This Makes Us Happy! A letter from a PFS Client

Dear Brandon, What have you done to me over the last 5 or so years? [...]

10 Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility & Increase Your Hip Strength & Power!

There are many benefits of living in our modern world! We have comfy furniture, cars [...]

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Better Golf Posture | Simple Fix For a More Powerfull Swing

Having worked with some of the best players in golf, one constant we see in [...]

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Golf Fitness Exercises For The Golf Fanatic

One of the biggest issues we see with young golfers is their lack of intramuscular [...]

Avoiding Early Extension in Your Golf Swing – Golf Performance Training

Early extension is probably the greatest inhibitor keeping most golfers from improving their games and [...]

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