5 Exercises Every Golf Needs To Be Doing

Chez Reavie Golf

Our philosophy is simple: quality movement precedes quality training and performance.

Movement efficiency is the base of health and athletic performance. Our goal is to educate and coach you to move optimally. Once this base is built we can apply these techniques to any goal.

The result is a more efficient, more adaptable body.

We have been fortunate to work with some very high level golfers! We love golf! Our entire team is driven to help golfers play the game they love!

You playing better makes us happy!

Recently two of our athletes won on the PGA tour! Both Chez Reavie and Nate Lashley won on back to weeks! What a cool opportunity to be a part of their team.

Just like the athletes on the PGA tour and LPGA tour you need a foundation of quality movement to be your foundation for quality movement patterns in your swing. In this post (video below) we take you through 5 exercises that will help you establish fundamental patterns that will enhance your play.

The video is longer (20 min) so if you are looking for different solutions feel free to connect with us on social media. We have some awesome video content on our PFS Golf Instagram page.

We also offer some really cool online training programs for all different levels.

Online Training for Golfers

In this video 5 Exercises Every Golfer Needs To Be Doing we teach 5 golf specific exercises that will help you

  • Breathe Better! Which is fundamental for creating better patterns and better IAP (Intra Abdominal Pressure)
  • Stabilize your trunk and pelvis
  • Build a stronger more stable lower half
  • Create rotary power and speed


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