Best Golf Training Programs – Move To Better Golf Performance

Like any athlete the modern golfer needs the ability to move well and express their athleticism! Ultimately our goal is to get our clients to efficiently use their strength, power and mobility to play great golf!

best golf fitness programs

One aspect of this is a strong core! Without strong, mobile muscles in your stomach, hips, butt and lower back, you can’t execute a swing that is both dynamic and efficiently sound.


Along with a strong core a golfer needs mobility in their hips and spine. In fact this goes hand in hand with a strong core. Mobility in your hips and spine allow you to access the big power muscles and make it less likely to compensate.

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In this post we will share some fundamental movements that we have our golf athletes do on a daily basis.

Series 1: Build a Strong Functional Core 

  1. Bird Dog 

2. Plank with Rotational Stability 

3. Supine ISO Hold 

4. Palloff Press Variations 

5. Rotary Stability (Advanced) 

Series 2: Increase your hip mobility 

1. Build Better Hip Extension 

2. Hip Extension ER 

3. Hip Extension IR 

Some of the athletes we have helped play better golf!


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