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  1. Stan Freimuth says:

    I will be back home in Scottsdale March, April, May. Having made use of your online exercises for the past few months, I would like to come in for a session with the same trainer, mid to late every Monday morning for those months. I will then incorporate that with my own Wed & Fri sessions. I’m a 70 year old single digit handicap golfer. I play 6 days a week, year around. Although no longer 40 years old, I’m in the best condition I’ve been in decades. I have two objectives:
    1) Improve my golf game
    2) Add muscle ( I know this is said to be impossible at my age.
    After a knee replacement six months ago (to go with my other knee and hips). I’ve been working hard the last four months on my core and lower body strength. I’m shocked and ecstatic how much this has helped my golf swing
    I look forward to hearing from you re my first appt
    My phone # is 425-283-3115. Either phone or email is fine.

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