Getting a Personalized Workout Plan from a Certified Trainer is Now Easier With Our Online Coaching Program

Whether your motivation to get up and move more feels nonexistent, you don’t know what to do at the gym, or you want to maximize your workouts—technology has a way to help. With online personal training, the gym and trainer come to you! Whether on your laptop or your phone, remote fitness coaching provides flexibility and expert knowledge at an affordable price.

The PFS team and training has made me better everyday! I Thank them for their training model and dedication to helping me be my best.
Paul Goldschmidt
Paul Goldschmidt

Hi Friends! I am Coach Paige, one of the movement specialists and strength coaches at Premier Fitness Systems. The intention of this post is to explain the benefits of our online personalized programs, tell you what you can expect, offer a testimonial, and share how you can simply click to get started.

Work with our experts from anywhere

Premier Fitness Systems, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a gym that is trusted by locals but also caters to seasonal residents and clients who travel out of state. Advancements in technology have made it possible for us to offer the same, customized programs to people across the country. Those who can’t come to our physical location and work with some of our nation’s top coaches can access us online whenever it is convenient.

Benefits to the Premier Fitness Systems Online Training Program:

  • Flexibility: Workout on your schedule 
  • Affordability: A four-week online program is about one-third of the cost of working with our trainers in person for four-weeks
  • Accountability: Track your workouts and receive follow-ups from your coach about your progress
  • Customized Workouts: Personalized by a certified personal trainer just for you
  • Digital: Do your workouts wherever you are
  • Access: Our innovative app delivers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that allows you to set reminders to stay on track. 

You can see why people are choosing remote fitness coaching with my colleagues and me! Let’s take a look at the first steps and what you can expect.

Initial Consultation 

Your first step begins with a one-on-one video call with a certified personal trainer. This appointment is vital for the coach to get to know you, have time to ask you questions about your goals and training history, and to give you a chance to ask any questions or express any concerns you might have. 

Common questions that are discussed include:

  • Goals: Improved mobility, strength gains, fat loss, athletic performance, prep for other fitness competitions, or increased energy?
  • Exercise history: Sports you’ve played, experiences with any previous trainers or coaches hired, or what your relationship to exercise has been like 
  • Medical history: A list of injuries and surgeries that your coach should understand to develop a plan that works for your body
  • Workout preferences: Location, equipment, length of sessions, frequency 

Our consultations are free for first time clients. Grab yours today by completing our Online Coaching sign up form. Once your consultation is complete you’ll set up payment, gain access to our innovative app, and schedule your assessment.

The Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to see if there are any limitations or movement dysfunctions that will need correction as it relates to your goals. You will also be asked to perform strength tests to help the coach get an idea of your baseline. This helps guide the coach to understand what exercises and drills will need to be a priority to get you the best results. Your coach will use this information and build a personalized plan for you.


The app-based program will involve viewing a video to see how the exercise is done. There will also be written cues that help you best perform the exercise. The app will suggest the number of  repetitions to perform for each drill as well as how many sets to do. The app has a handy built-in timer for those exercises that need one.  Each workout will involve a warm-up or preparatory exercises and finish with a cool-down stretch and sometimes a guided meditation. Everything is customized and tailored to what you want as well as what your coach suggests that you need. Once your trainer provides you with your workout plan, you can discuss barriers to getting it done so you never feel left on your own. As you’re exercising, it’s important to log your workouts to track your progress and help your trainer develop your next program. This information will let your trainer know your strengths and problem areas.

So there you have it. Online personal training is a rapidly evolving way to exercise that allows a busy and budget-conscious person to work with a certified professional over the internet. I have worked with clients that live 40 minutes away as well as golfers who are traveling for tournaments. PFS has been using online training to provide solutions to our clients when live somewhere, can’t make it to the gym, or who simply prefer a digital format. Our programs focus on the fundamentals of movement by establishing quality movement patterns and sequencing, and then build strength and power training upon that foundation.

If you want to work with a certified, well-trained, and digitally-comfortable professional in the fitness industry then click here. When you express interest in a personal online training program, we will contact you to get the ball rolling. We can’t wait to get to know you better and customize a plan that works in your busy life! 

Click here to complete the Online Coaching request form. There is no purchase necessary at this step. If you have a specific PFS team member you’d like to work with already in mind, note that in the comments section of the form.

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