Build a More Powerful Golf Swing with These 5 Mobility Drills

If you’re looking to add more power to your golf swing, it all starts with improving the quality of your movement! 

golf fitness exercises

We believe the first step is developing an understanding of the foundational principles, starting with better movement efficiency!

Once you build better movement efficiency it’s all about progressing these patterns, building strength, mobility and power!

If you can increase all of these things while maintaining your functionality we are in business! This means better golf! 

As your patterns continue to improve, these subtle changes in movement get applied to your golf swing.  Mechanical advantage in sport is derived from athlete’s who respect the foundational principles of movement. One cannot expect to move well and play pain free if their body has been using work arounds to get the job done. 

Through sport, daily living, and injuries our bodies continue to rewrite the code for our movement as humans.  Most of us are unaware of these changes because they are subtle and for the most part unrecognizable to the human brain and eye. Think about a new car that has a bad right tire. The first few thousand miles it’s not big deal, but what if that tire pulls right and you don’t fix it? Eventually you get negative effects on other aspects of the car! Now lets say that same car gets some new tires but the back left tire this time pulls left. This is your body, most of the wear and tear comes from bad patterns put into play along the way, but when that happens you get stuck with those patterns. Maybe you’re the 25 year old golfer but you’ve hit balls 8 hours a day for the last 8 years of your life. That’s like taking the Golden Gate Bridge and cranking on all the screws on one side of the bridge a little bit every day for 8 years.  What happens ten or twenty years from now?

golf exercises made simple

For most golfers one of the biggest fixes is mobility training and increasing usable range of motion. Starting with the foundation of learning how to pressurize with proper breathing strategies. The base of this is a good connection between ribs and pelvis (Core). This is the “CANISTER” effect we talk about. Your thoracic diaphragm and pelvic floor should work in opposition but in many people this is not happening. We need to fix this first!

This is the basis in which all athletes use as their source of power and stability. Better intra abdominal pressure is the true core. Once you have established this it’s time to go attack the rest of the body.  Starting to put yourself in good positions with your canister activated will drive mobility throughout the entire body. Your spine can start to work like a snake again, with no kinks in it.  The shoulders and hips start to free up and the result is more power, more stamina and lower scores!

For a golfer, better separation in their swing as well as the ability to transfer energy and drive through the floor is paramount! When you are able to pressurize, the joints start to get in better positions which allows for optimal patterns to be utilized which translates into maximizing the speed they already have. This occurs do to better motor unit recruitment which leads to increased rotary power through better activation. 

Once the fundamentals have been beaten to death, it’s the time to go after ground based movement. Getting your bare feet and hands on the floor and starting to use closed chain movements to teach your body how to transfer energy and work as a team for more difficult tasks.

This is where we start to attack the rotary slings necessary for a powerful golf swing and also start to teach the body how to manage pressure in the system when things get dynamic. Think about your hands and feet like roots of a tree.  They are forever trying to become one with the ground, and the better they are at their job the more tension and stability we can create from the floor.  So when you have a solid connection with your hands or feet and you have a solid canister sitting in the middle of your body these two fixed points now have way better control over the system.  This is where any athlete will learn how to generate true power.  Having these two fixed points is like having to solid ends of a slingshot.  Now all you have to do is train the muscles, aka the tension between your two fixed points how to work as a team.  This is the game changer!

Transfer of power, utilizing stored energy, less compensations and more efficient movement are the keys to enhancing your golf game!

You want more distance, less swing faults, better separation, increased club head speed, better movement is the gateway to increased golf performance!

Here is a little taste of what I’m talking about. We put together 5 mobility drills geared at teaching pressurization, transfer of energy, better sequencing all geared at enhancing your golf performance!

  1. Create better separation with this mobility drill.

  2. Increase your rotational capacity. 

  3. Better Pelvis control and rotational capacity.

  4. Integrated mobility for better mobility and linking ability.

  5. Increase your hip mobility and stability as well as strength. 

If you are interested in learning more about this type of training and movement please check out

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2 thoughts on “Build a More Powerful Golf Swing with These 5 Mobility Drills

  1. Cecil Melville says:

    Your fitness training is all directed to young fit healthy golfers with not any aches or pains. The average members ages at golf clubs today are between 55 & 60+.

  2. Greg says:

    We have a lot of 50-70 year old men who train out of PFS weekly. We tend to post videos of what our audience likes to see. What types of exercises would you personally like to see. WE do offer live one on sessions using Zoom or Facetime if you are ever interested in doing a live session to learn at home. Please let us know how we can help!

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