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“Adding becoming a Ninja Warrior to my Primal Warrior status and education.. ????Movement. There is so much more to movement. It is a practice, with intention, that has a powerful carry over into our lives everywhere. The quality of our lives is directly proportionate to the emotional state we live in and the standards we keep.If your body is carrying extra weight , is inflexible, weak or in pain all the time – the quality of your life will suffer. You will struggle to feel light on your feet, free, flexible and optimistic on a daily basis as a lifestyle and normal state that you feel all the time. Get your body moving with intention, it will thank you!
I am learning so much at PFS. At 53, I am going to take my body to a whole new level of awareness, motion, and ability to move it quietly with strength behind it. Very excited- Thank you Brandon Harris for an outstanding class and keeping a close eye on my movements and helping me become a Ninja? I’m super motivated to learn your methodology. I am going to bear crawl with a glass of wine on my back ??and achieve this amazing handstand ??
You rock”

Thank you for your words! This is an awesome example of why we do what we do.

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  1. Katonna Snooks says:

    You are welcome!?? 4 classes in and Ice learned so much awareness . You rock and I look forward to what’s to come. My WHY is huge so my motivation is unwavering at ?plus. You will get me to my outcome..,I am completely confident.m of that. My fitness home is a vital piece of my life pie. Thank you for taking such great care of me and making my transition so smooth. Blessings and squeals of Joy, Katonna

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