Dallas Mengel
Golf Performance Coach

Dallas grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada playing as a high level junior, and amateur, golfer. After completing high school and playing collegiate golf, Dallas decided to turn Professional in 2011 and moved to the greater Phoenix area to play on the local “Mini” Tour’s.

In 2016 Dallas and his now wife, Chloe, decided to move back to Canada to finish their degrees at the University of Saskatchewan, which Dallas will tell you was one of the toughest, but best, decisions he ever made. On top of completing his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (with Distinction) in 2019, Dallas has also completed his NSCA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification and is currently TPI Certified – Level 2 – Fitness, Power, Golf & Junior. Dallas uses his education and personal experience to not only connect with his clients on a more personal level, but also strives to help educate his clients on how rotational & sport specific exercise will be beneficial to one’s golf game, regardless of current skill level. Dallas has worked with a wide variety of clientele, ranging from rehabilitation to high level athletics.

Dallas still enjoys playing golf, and personally feels now that he has a better understanding of the body, and how it relates to the golf swing, he actually has experienced more enjoyment and success with the game. Dallas is a huge sports advocate, with his favorite teams being the Dallas Cowboys & Los Angeles Dodgers. Dallas also enjoys spending time with his wife Chloe, and their 2 dogs Hunter & Halo

TPI Certifications

Fitness (Level 2)
– This certification is used to help provide an effective golf-specific training program using detailed assessments to determine the cause of certain swing characteristics one might be portraying. Then using detailed corrective exercises to provide each individual with a consistent and tailored path to better golf.

Power (Level 2)
– Dedicated to increasing swing speed for improved distance. This certification will use a tailored “Matrix” that will look to introduce the application of ground force production into a training regimen.

Golf (Level 2)
– Designed for golf instructors who wish to understand how the golf swing is taught at the highest levels of the sport. This will focus on a more technical, swing related, type of training.

Junior (Level 2)
– Used to help design, build and operate a successful junior golf program. The focus of
youth development (5-17 years) will be on the understanding and learning of the golf swing, and all other facets of the game while still making sure it is as enjoyable as possible (i.e. edicate, rules, etc.).

Current Golf Handicap: 0
– Strengths: Driver / Distance (Average: 310 Yards)
– Dallas’ Philosophy when it comes to the golf swing, is trying to help his clients
understand how the golf swing works, and how to produce the shot you are trying to create with the understanding of “Club Path” & “Club Face”.


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