Robert Major
Personal Trainer

Major has a strong belief (not so much in religion) but spirituality. Prior to enhancing his knowledge & gaining the tutelage at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, all he knew was how to stay active. He received honors in baseball & football all throughout his adolescent days back in his hometown San Diego, California. He finished his high school career ranking among the top five quarterbacks in the city. He was recruited by multiple division one schools in (what was) the PAC-10 (at the time). Being the only child, he decided to stay in his environment & bypass college. Like most teens graduating high school & facing “the real world,” he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do or what he wanted to be in life. Being only 5’6, sub 130 lbs, he always eluded stepping foot into a weight room. He managed to get by off raw talent, never putting in the time or work capacity to heighten his authentic abilities.

In 2010, he faced the place he had always dreaded entering, wandering into a gym for the first time. He was taken by the energy that loomed in the atmosphere. Like most people walking into a gym for the first time, he kept to himself, picking up moderate weights & mimicking what the bodybuilders did while also taking advice from trainers on the staff. Months later, thirty pounds of lean muscle was added to his frame. His physique was appealing to gym members, at that point networking became an everyday thing. Muscle mass may have fulfilled his ego a little to much tho! Taking the advice of a female friend, he switched up the routine by attending a Pilates class & boy did that one course get the best of him. He was in awe that he couldn’t keep up. The activities made him look foolish, he thought to himself “wow, all this weight I can lift but I can’t even do the simplistic movements that a slim woman can do.” As time went on, he began doing the little things. He loved the way it felt having an equilibrium. Being thee ideal people’s person with a nice functional frame & skill set to do unique forms of training, he was inspired by all to become a personal trainer.

For the first time in his life, he was passionate about something that was bigger then himself. Apprehension & comprehension of the scientific rationale of human movement would be the perfect study to reach out & help him give people a feel that he acquired. While finishing up his classes at NASM & practicing his regimens in the gym, he was approached by Brandon Harris, owner of Premier Fitness Systems. Major believes everything that has happened prior to his interaction with Brandon, was fate awaiting to unravel. Major is now known by his peers as the charismatic friend who just happens to be an unique hybrid trainer.

He vows to focus on all the strengths to be gained by the kinetic chain: flexibility, balance, cardio respiratory efficiency, core stabilization, strength, power, speed, agility & quickness. He’s adamant about making sure his routines are integrated, that every person needs his or her own style of training to progress thru in order to maintain a life of physical luxury. “If you cant afford to drive the BMW, there’s no reason to not strive to at least operate like a BMW.”