Principles of Strength Training

Principles of Training for Hypertrophy, Strength and Power In the realm of resistance training there [...]

Bulletproof your Shoulders with these 6 Drills

We adapt to the positions we spend the most time in!  If you spend many [...]

Smart Golf Fitness For Juniors

When should junior athletes start training? If the program and training is intelligent there are [...]

Move to Better Health and Performance at Premier Fitness Systems in Scottsdale, Arizona

  At premier fitness systems we thinks a main cause of many people’s current poor [...]

5 Hip Mobility Exercises For More Athletic Movement

Do you have a job, a car, and a couch? Of course you do! Chances [...]

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5 Reasons to start exercising after age 50

What are your dreams for aging gracefully? Do you believe that getting older has to [...]