5 Golf Fitness Exercises to Improve Your Game

5 Golf Fitness Exercises to Improve Your Game One of the most neglected areas that [...]

An Integrative Approach To Wellness and Performance

Matt Zaborowski LMT  is a licensed massage therapist that takes an integrative approach to manual [...]

High Performance Golf Fitness Training

For the second year in a row team PFS golf performance has 2 golf fitness [...]

6 Ways To Improve Consistency In Your Golf Swing – A Golfers’ Guide to unlocking your T-spine Mobility

Golf Fitness Tips Click here To Download the EBOOK Download Now Working on your mobility [...]

4 Hip Mobility Exercises for Increased Power in Your Golf Swing

Hip mobility could be one of the most important driving forces for power in the [...]

Build a More Powerful Golf Swing with These 5 Mobility Drills

If you’re looking to add more power to your golf swing, it all starts with [...]


5 Exercises Every Golf Needs To Be Doing

Our philosophy is simple: quality movement precedes quality training and performance. Movement efficiency is the [...]

Golf Fitness Warm Up – With Blair O’Neal

We have been doing this a long time! We love golf, we love movement and [...]

Best Golf Training Programs – Move To Better Golf Performance

Like any athlete the modern golfer needs the ability to move well and express their [...]

Squat 101: 4 Exercises For Better Squat Technique (Golfer Addition)

Everyone benefits from strong, functional legs. But for most people the answer isn’t heavy back [...]

Enter the Infrasternal Angle (ISA)

What do we have to actually measure the spine? Motion palpation of intervertebral segments? Multiple [...]


Better Golf Posture | Simple Fix For a More Powerfull Swing

Having worked with some of the best players in golf, one constant we see in [...]

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