Principles of Strength Training

Principles of Training for Hypertrophy, Strength and Power In the realm of resistance training there [...]

Bulletproof your Shoulders with these 6 Drills

We adapt to the positions we spend the most time in!  If you spend many [...]

15 Min At Home Functional Workout (No Weights)! Follow Along With Trainer

A lot of craziness going on right now! We are not experts on the coronavirus [...]

6 Ways To Improve Consistency In Your Golf Swing – A Golfers’ Guide to unlocking your T-spine Mobility

Golf Fitness Tips Click here To Download the EBOOK Download Now Working on your mobility [...]

Squat 101: 4 Exercises For Better Squat Technique (Golfer Addition)

Everyone benefits from strong, functional legs. But for most people the answer isn’t heavy back [...]

Enter the Infrasternal Angle (ISA)

What do we have to actually measure the spine? Motion palpation of intervertebral segments? Multiple [...]


Golf Fitness Exercises For The Golf Fanatic

One of the biggest issues we see with young golfers is their lack of intramuscular [...]

Mobility: The Missing Component In Your Fitness Routine

Lets first define what mobility is. Mobility is defined as the ability to move or [...]

Take Responsibility for your HEALTH – Whats on Greg’s Mind

Today it hit me hard that here we are trying to help clients get better [...]

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Why we all should train FUNCTIONALLY | What is on Greg’s Mind?

Too often in our industry, we see people who come in the studio in their [...]

Jefferson Curl Part 2: The Case Against

Jefferson Curl Part 2 The Case Against… Check out part one if just picking this [...]

Jefferson Curl Part 1

Should you Jefferson Curl? I recently was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast, and he [...]