Joey Bellus
Personal Trainer

With more than 12 years of personal training experience, I am very excited to become a part of the P.F.S. team. Working alongside and learning from Greg and Brandon when I was just 19 years old as a trainer, life has come full circle, and I am grateful to be working alongside such great leaders once again.

Over the course of my career I have been able to blend my college education in Exercise Science & Wellness, with my (approaching) 13 years of experience working with athletes ranging from high school to professional and my love of personal development I have been able to find my purpose in life; To help others live a more fulfilled life, to teach them how take responsibility for their for their actions, responsibility for their own choices which will ultimately lead them to more success in both sport and in life. There are so many avenues to teach people about fear, failure, integrity, success and personal transformation. For me, I have chosen to do that from the platform of health and fitness. I do this because I care, I not only care about the results my clients are seeking, but I care that they are living a happy and fulfilled life. I care that they are growing and becoming a better person. Our bodies are nothing more than a vessel for our spirit; it’s such a powerful vessel, a vessel that speaks to us all. That’s why I love doing what I do because it can be a gateway to many amazing things as long as the person is willing to do what it takes to truly transform.

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