Greg McLean
Co-Founder/Personal Trainer

Greg started back in ’96 where his goal was to be an electrical engineer. Halfway through college, he realized he was gonna go crazy sitting behind a monitor for the rest of my life. So, he decided to change his major. At that time, he wasn’t sure what his major should be. Nevertheless, he started lifting weights during his first week of college and loved how doing this transformed his body and enhanced his self confidence. He loved working out every day; better yet, he loved the way he felt! Before he knew it, his major was switched to Exercise Science. As graduation day approached, he realized he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. So, he began to train part-time while he went back to school for Fire Science. Two years later, he completed his coursework and decided that even though he loved fire fighting, his heart desired Personal Training more. At that moment, his decision was made….Personal Training! Having his own business one day was always one of his goals, and Personal Training is that….a business within a business. This profession has allowed him to continually grow and learn all there is to know in the health, wellness, and exercise fitness world. he knew he had found a profession that enabled him to put his whole heart and soul into.

The thing he loves about Personal Training is that it is an ever changing field. He has the ability to take different concepts from yoga, sports’ specific training, physical therapy, traditional weight lifting, boxing, and many other related fields and combine them into a hybrid style of training that encompasses all of the above. The end result is that his clients are provided with a balanced fitness program, and a body that can handle any challenge thrown at it. He believes that one must build a strong body from the core outward. Once you ensure that every joint is strong and flexible, then you have a strong level of balance in strength throughout the body.

His clients are family to him. Every day, he is fortunate to come to a job that he loves doing. In addition, he gets to work with people he truly enjoy. As a result, he’s capable of delivering high energy workouts all day long with his clients. This is a win-win situation; they leave with smiles on their faces and have a good workout. He makes a promise that he puts his heart into each and every workout he does and makes sure that he gives his clients everything he’s got. He expects the same in return. The combined efforts result in wonderful friendships and great results. He can’t imagine doing anything else in life! He’s thankful every day for the clients he has!