Dr. Breana Prince
Performance Physical Therapist

Breana started as an athlete in Portland Oregon competing and traveling with her Gymnastics and Dance team. She began to see the determination and strength needed to become an athlete while training under Bela Karolyi at his Olympic training facility in Huston Texas. During that time, she liked spending time with her dad and brother playing baseball and learning the game of golf. She grew up in a competitive household and therefore, she switched gears from gymnastics to golf in hopes to beat her dad and brother during a round. The golf world helped her find the opportunity to participate in the Evans Scholarship by caddying during the summers of high school in exchange for undergraduate college tuition. While at the University of Colorado at Boulder she majored in Integrative Physiology and started working in sports medicine under the football and track team. Seeing the rehabilitation side of athlete management helped her decide on the path of physical therapy.

Breana loves the challenge that physical therapy provides with each patient visit. She competes with herself to find the best treatment possible for her patients and loves a unique presentation. She believes that the more tools and education a therapist has, the better equipped the therapist is to treat a variety of diagnoses and comorbidities. She has worked in a variety of settings from intensive neurological care to tactile training with first responders and athletes. She became disappointed in the profession while working in traditional outpatient settings in that, she felt like she was being told what to do by insurance companies and that 4 patients an hour was ineffective care. She made the leap into the out-of-network setting and has never looked back. She believes that treating a patient is multifactorial in that an injury can affect multiple areas of the body, and returning to sport is not only physical but also mental.

Breana loves to treat individuals of all fitness levels and severity of injury. She believes that avoiding injury and maintaining the ability to move is the key to a persons’ quality of life. She understands and appreciates the sacrifice made to make the time for physical therapy therefore it is always her goal for her patients to have the most value during their treatments.

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