We teach MOVEMENT as a practice and use it as a tool to enhance all aspects of your LIFE!

MONDAY-THURSDAY: 9:00 AM & 5:30 PM | FRIDAY: 9:00 AM

Movement project is group-based fitness that incorporates functional components including mobility, strength, balance, agility, and aerobic/anaerobic capacities. The objective is to help individuals feel their best physically and mentally while creating a community.


Our belief is that athletes at any level should have one fundamental similarity, the ability to move well. Flexibility and mobility are essential for an athlete to move well and to prevent injuries. Often times athletes and programs are guilty of building strength over dysfunction. This leads to injuries or chronic ramifications down the road. The solution to this whether you’re a pro or just a weekend warrior, is good movement. If an athlete can move well than there is no need to compensate, and good movement allows for great sequencing, which leads to performance and reduces risk for injury. Our programs focus on the fundamentals of movement, establishing proper patterns and sequencing, and then building strength and power upon that foundation. From there we can take an athletes game to the next level!

$150/month – Unlimited

Drop-in – $20
5- Class Pass – $85
10-Class Pass – $150