What Exercises Are Best For Golf?

In this post we will lay out a complete full body golf fitness-training program designed for you! The modern day golfer!

Why trust us? We have a team of golf fitness professionals with over 50 years of combined experience working with all levels of golfers from PGA tour winners to first timers. We understand the demands of golf and have been committed to growing and progressing our understanding of the human body for over a decade. Our passion is helping our clients move and feel their best.

Golf is a unique sport that requires incredible athleticism, superior hand eye coordination, strength, power, balance, and timing!

Training can either enhance these qualities or diminish them. The key is establishing foundations and correcting poor movement strategies that have been developed throughout one’s life.

Training isn’t just about lifting weights and building bigger stronger muscles. Getting in the right positions to allow muscles to activate and fire effectively is a top priority! A squat can cause low back pain or get rid of it depending a lot on the positions you are in while performing the exercise. Teaching proper positions is a huge part of our model!

How do we do this?

Fist we need to develop a strong core! Most everyone knows this and has probably been told they need to train the core. But what exactly is the core? And how does it work in the golf swing? Should you be doing a bunch of crunches? How about a bunch of medicine ball work? When you fully understand what the core is and what it is designed to do you can make anything a core exercise! There are going to be exercises that are specific for the core but with an appreciation of the ‘CYLINDER’ position we can turn everything into a movement (exercise) that builds a stronger more functional core.

What is the ‘cylinder position’?

The cylinder position is maintaining functional integrity between the ribcage and pelvis. Our goal is to have our clients gain functional control and awareness over their body while being able to demonstrate movement options at all the relative joints and ventral cavity which is the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. If this is done effectively the specific movements/exercises become more “functional” and have an optimal effect. When we maintain this positional integrity we minimize risk and get a bigger effect on the desired muscles.

More Movement Options, More Degrees of Freedom = Pain Free & Lower Golf Scores

A golf-specific workout will strengthen the muscles that are most important in your swing, as well as challenge your balance, strength, power, core integrity and stamina! In particular, a golf workout should focus on strengthening your ability to maintain a solid position while rotating and transferring energy! In this program you will get a lot of reciprocal movements that require balance, strength, and the ability to shift your weight.

Golf Fitness Workout – Complete the following golf workout 3-4 days per week for six weeks. On days off do light to moderate aerobic exercise. Walk with your family, hike and get into nature as much as possible. Recovery is crucial for a successful training program!

Remember stress + rest + GROWTH!


Golf Fitness Warm up.

Add some bike, jump rope, rowing or tread mill. Get a good sweat! 5-10min. 

Gylcolytic Warm-Up

Push hard for 45 sec. The rower, Vertical SkiErg and Assault Bike are great options here. Recover for 90 sec and repeat 3 times. 

Prep Work 

1a.Walking Lunge with Contralateral Reach x 10 each leg. 

1b. Glute/Hamstring Bridge with Canister Position x 5 reps with a 10sec hold at the top. Repeat 1a & 1b for 3 sets with 60 sec rest.

2a. Frontal Plane Motor/Sensory Competency x 20 sec iso’s on both legs with good breathing.

2b. Single Leg Glute/Hamstring Bridge with Canister Position x 5 reps each leg with a 10sec hold at the top. Repeat 2a & 2b for 3 sets with 60 sec rest.

Main Lifts – Perform 10 reps of exercise 3 and 4 with 60 sec rest for 3 sets. 

3. Front Foot Elevated Split Squat (Loaded) x 10 reps with a weight you can perform quality reps but still should be challenging. Take a 60 sec and repeat for 3 sets. 

4. DB Chest Press (Reciprocal Function) x 10 reps with good form but should be hard. Take a 60 sec and repeat for 3 sets.


Thanks to PFS, I can honestly say I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in! 

Ryann O’Toole, LPGA

PFS provides a competitive atmosphere that encourages you to get better every both on and off the course. 

Scott Stallings, PGA Tour  

Following the PFS online training plans has helped me with my driving distance and flexibility! I love that I don’t have to think when I go to the gym and I have exercises I can do at home and when I travel. I would recommend the training plans to anyone looking to play better golf.

Blake Peachey

4 Week Golf Performance Training Plan

Primal Drive – Online Golf Fitness Movement/Mobility

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