What Can Be Accomplished with a Quality Approach and a Healthy Mindset

This is a really cool letter from a client. It is a testament to what can be accomplished with a quality approach to training and a healthy mindset.

Dearest Brandon and the entire PFS Staff;
Today marks the completion of four full months at PFS for me. Today’s Friday class is class #36 for September plus having two personal training sessions as well. All together I have completed 118 classes, plus 8 personal training sessions. As you know, I was following PFS for about a year prior to coming. When Amenzone closed, that was my in. When I finally came and learned of the schedule and cost, I didn’t think I was going to be able to stick long term but was wiling to try. After one week at PFS, I was hooked. I fell in love. I decided that it was a MUST for me to add this to my life. I adjusted my schedule and finances to make it happen. It’s amazing what you can just do without in order to have something bigger!

I was coming to whatever class I could make work. I so enjoyed both the am and pm classes, I made it a MUST to be at both..at least for now while I am able to manipulate my schedule. I began to bond with the members of both groups and enjoyed the group camaraderie in both. The type of members PFS attracts, to me, is representative of the character of PFS itself. The members are Outstanding people of character, integrity, intelligence, humility, strength, and Spirit to name a few. It is truly enjoyable to get to train with true Champions that give their personal best and have such focused attention right alongside me. If there were bad attitudes all around me?…I would have left because it affects my state and pulls the class down. Every class is enjoyable and I always have take aways… adding even more value to my experience. The integrity of the group is vital because we all affect those around us. These members enable and support my growth and I appreciate them all! I am excited to share with you my growth and take aways from this first quarter of mine.

I arrived at PFS with massive shoulder impingement’s, locked up the compressed thoracic spine, tight lower back and just basic residue of compensations from aggressive movement due to incorrect posture to those movements. You don’t know what you don’t know-I was strong. I was fearless and could do whatever was dealt. I could take on quantity…But I couldn’t “move” with intention, stability, control, and no noise. There is a cost. A price is paid for incorrect, aggressive movement over time. I was in pain. I began aggressive PT(Physical Therapy) in March to relieve my back pain. One session leads to another with another issue being revealed as he worked on me. My PT was excited I was changing training styles because of the state I was in with my locked up body.

My first 4-6 weeks at PFS I experienced my scapula wake up call. I learned about protraction/retraction…and that mine were incapable of both initially.I began to wire in a new neurological connection and get them turned on. I worked hard daily at feeling these movements because I desperately wanted relief and to get them working! I began to actually feel them activate and was able to begin to manipulate their movement. I had never felt that feeling ever in my entire life due to neurological wiring, patterning, and protection from my scoliosis curve there. I was completely unaware prior. Because I was athletic and could “getter done” it covered and hid the problem.

Another impact of my first 4-6 weeks was the stabilization of my feet. I have high arches and supination in my feet. My ankles weak, and training in tennis shoes. I was unable to have “quiet” feet. I could not land softly with control and be quiet. I just kept listening..press through the ground and learn to separate my toes ..all while being quiet. Every day it got better. I was beginning to exactly understand how this was affecting my hips.

The third impact of my initial 4-6 weeks was learning the proper head position. I was in a terrible pattern with my head that was creating those huge knots in my traps. Also in line with my head..I needed to learn to stop flaring my back and understand “ribs down, chin tucked and chest up.” My body alignment was not in a correct position. It was creating stress. I was in a noneffective pattern of muscling everything to get results.
And last but not least…the squat! oh, my gosh. I had some work to do…I’m still not happy with some remaining restriction there, but it HAS gotten better!

As I progressed, the next 4-6 weeks after that I began to lengthen and open up. My cervical spine and thoracic spine were loosening. I had a couple set backs as this was happening, but was continuing physical therapy as well. I knew it wasn’t a bad thing-my body was just letting go. I also began to really feel the correct movement of a “reach and hinge.” I began to be able to lever better squarely while reaching long and pushing my butt back. The mobility in my hips was getting better as well. I was also feeling a lot more confident with all the stick drills as my body was opening up, and I had less restrictions. I was understanding the core fundamentals of proper “movement”. Every day, each week passing I fell deeper in love with PFS and its training philosophy. I was learning to gain control over my body while accessing more range and able to handle more weight with control.I was experiencing more range daily in all areas.

Lastly- The past month of September… I felt like I have made a shift after putting so much time into learning all the foundation skills. As it is said-“Repetition is the mother of all skill.” My shoulders/scapula are moving better and stronger with pretty full range without impingement pain or just plain weakness and unavailability. Most of the time now my head is pretty correct or close to.I rarely flare my back and have better control and mobility with my pelvis.I am able to hold my wrists correctly on the kettle bells and rings due to better wrist strength. I am able to stack and press up strong in a wall handstand for a minute with my hips off the wall and pelvis tucked. I move slower with higher intention.

I feel like it has now all come together for me. My body is functioning better, I carry a new strong, and I understand what “movement” really truly means. My daily consistent, incremental deposits have created a compound interest effect. I am super excited for what is to come. My entire body feels renewed and different. My neck isn’t in pain and feels relaxed, the rocks in my traps are gone, my scapula is functioning and getting stronger each day, my right shoulder is no longer tipped forward, my cervical and thoracic spine have opened up, my hip is more opened up with better mobility,my body is lengthening, I am stronger where I was weak, my body has better balance all around with both strength and mobility,  my wrists and ankles are stronger, and I am landing softer and moving slower, I am walking differently with a greater understanding of how to move (walk) more effectively, and my sleep is deep with my body quiet. What more could I ask?? I will be turning 54 in December and no one believes me. ;0)
THANK YOU BRANDON and all the PFS STAFF for all your support. I’m SOLD OUT to the MOVEMENT PROJECT!
***Success leaves clues!***

Check out Katonna in action in our movement project classes.

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