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Today it hit me hard that here we are trying to help clients get better but they’re not doing their part.  Upholding their end of the bargain so we can help them get better. They show up week after week for their workouts but they’re not taking care of themselves outside the gym. Massages, doctors visits, blood work, you name it.  If the sensor goes on in our car we bring it in right away, but if our hip bothers us we take aleve and keep ignoring the pain signal.  Really??? How would you explain that logic to a five-year-old?   I’ve got one client who’s hip has been bothering him for 2 months now but won’t go see a doc, another client with bone on bone in his knee who is afraid to go to the doc but wonders why he keeps losing distance in his golf game, and a third who has a hip in constant pain but doesn’t want to skip a workout to go get an injection so she can sleep at night because it bothers her so much it keeps her up all night.

Too often clients don’t take good care of themselves along the road of life. They get older and the neglect in which they put their bodies through starts to catch up to them. It might not bother them in their daily lives, but it limits them in their workouts for sure. There’s only one problem! If you can’t really push yourselves in your workouts and you’re very limited as to what you can do, you are going to age faster and lose the quality of life due to lack of movement.

The problem has clients put it off month after month but still expect trainers to get them better.  That’s like not rotating your tires or changing your oil for years but expecting to take your car on a road trip across country and everything to be alright.  Seriously? Let’s take some responsibility and own up to the fact that we neglected our bodies for decades and maybe we need to get some service done from time to time whether it be a doctor or a massage.  A car with 150,000 miles needs a lot of maintenance to keep it running and you’re fooling yourself if you don’t think you should be servicing it all the time if you expect it to make the 200k mark.  Are our bodies any different?

Stop living in fear of what a doctor might tell you or that you might have to take a step backward for a few weeks in order to really get ahead. I would say fear and downtime are the main reasons people don’t want to address their problems. But if you’re only able to train at 60% currently isn’t taking a little time off so you can come back at 100% worth it. Better yet is compensating from the body not working right worth you getting additional problems due to working around pain???? One body, one life to live, so stop hiding from the truth and go get the help you need to get better!!!

One thought on “Take Responsibility for your HEALTH – Whats on Greg’s Mind

  1. Katonna Snooks says:

    100% agree! I do chiropractic, regular massage/ muscle therapy, and PT.
    I just thanked Brabdon yesterday for how much I appreciate him, and let him know that I will work hard… And what that meant was exactly this- I wanted him to know his attention and efforts won’t be taken for granted and for no reason.. Nor, do I expect him to just fix it all without me doing my part. I told him I will work hard.
    I’m sure this must be frustrating. I love PFS and I am receiving Outstanding help, knowledge and guidance. I must do my part , and I am. Ty for such a great place to be at!

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