Squat 101: 4 Exercises For Better Squat Technique (Golfer Addition)

Everyone benefits from strong, functional legs. But for most people the answer isn’t heavy back squats! 

If you are a golfer you know you need strong, powerful legs and a functional lower body. 

In this series Greg (One golf digests 50 top golf fitness trainers) Teaches 4 exercises designed to help you build stronger, more powerful legs. These exercises will help you build the foundation you need to play better golf and dominate your buddies on the course. 

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Using this series of golf fitness exercises will hit the hamstrings, glutes, and quads, and more importantly help you build a strong foundation.

1. Body Rock Squats- the goal of this drill is to get as much compression through your toes as you can. Make sure your set up is such that your feet are wider than your hips and each time you rock back you are trying to get more and more compression through the toes. This will allow you to start to connect more when squatting. Also, make sure when loading back that you are keeping your pelvis in a good neutral position and not in an anterior pelvic tilt.

2. Deep Squat Walkbacks- The goal on this is to start to be able to load into your legs while keeping full body connection. Most people do this drill and once they get a decent amount of load into the lower body they lose all connection w the upper body. Make sure your feet are outside your hands and as you walk back into your feet make sure your outside edges stay connected with the floor and only come down as low as you can keep the pelvis neutral. If you can get lower but are in an anterior pelvic tilt you are defeating the purpose. As far as the upper body, as you move backwards imagine your hands are pushing through the floor like its a scale and then try and drag the scale behind you so that the entire body stays connected.

3. Step to Deep Squat- The goal on this is just like the previous drill, only it’s a bit harder to do this drill moving forward then backward. Make sure when you step forward that you only go as low as you can keep the pelvis neutral. Also make sure as your load into the squat that your knees and outside edges of your feet are driving out.

4. Deep Squat Play- The name of the game is to just move around on this one. Not sets or reps, just move and get your body used to new positions and linking different patterns to add some variability to your workouts. Think about the different movements I do. Forward frog, sideways ape, all the movements in this series. For 2 minutes just trying linking different patterns and as you get better at this start to challenge yourself thinking up new patterns to add in.


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