P.R.I Fitness and Movement Seminar Review

P.R.I. (postural restoration institute) Integration for fitness and movement


I have been a fitness professional for 13 years. I have my degree in Exercise Science and Wellness and also am a Certified Strength and Conditions Specialist. I’ve worked with professional athletes in both the NFL and MLB along with hundreds of high school and collegiate athletes in many different sports. I’ve been the head strength coach for multiple high schools but coming into this weekend I didn’t know what PRI was or how it would benefit me. This past weekend (9/17/17) I was fortunate enough to attend the PRI integration for fitness and movement seminar at Ethos gym in Denver, Colorado and wanted to share a bit of what I learned. I feel this will change the way I work with my athletes and clients as I continue to move forward in my career. Video Review


“Rigid rib cage, rigid breath.” This was the first thing that Dr. Julie Blandin said that really stuck out to me. I have taken other courses on the importance of breath work, and have practiced many different breathing techniques over the years but it never had to do with sports performance or training in general. Breathing has always been discussed and focused on in a yoga class. I heave tried to discuss breath work in many different personal development courses I’ve taken and when I try to bring it up, I get looked at like I’m some crazy “hippie” (which I don’t mind haha). When Dr. Blandin said “Rigid rib cage, rigid breath.” I made me think about how a rigid mind can lead to rigid thoughts. At that point I was willing to be open to the entire course even if my ego didn’t agree with it. I was there, open and willing to be challenged, willing to learn, willing to be flexible in my thoughts and in my approach to health and fitness.


Below is a list of some of the main concepts that jumped out at me. I am going to over simplify some of the takeaways from this course because even if I tried to explain it scientifically, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice.


  • The importance of the rib cage and how much it affects ALL body parts
  • The rib cage can be broken down into 4 separate compartments, and its vital to balancing the 4 compartments in order to maximize harmony in the body.
  • More harmony means more capability to transfer energy which will lead to MORE strength and MORE power
  • More harmony dramatically reduces the chance of injury and if rehabbing an athlete provides a better foundation to prevent further injury
  • How the rib cage currently moves (untrained) and how it is SUPPOSED to move (trained)
  • Focusing on the EXHALE and “emptying” the lungs is just as important if not more important than the inhale
  • Learning how to “turn off” muscles is just as important as “turning on” muscles.  When a person learns how to properly turn off muscles, they can turn on muscles much more control and efficiently which can lead to more power, more strength, and reduce the chance of injury.
  • How to properly engage and train the hamstings
  • The power and the IMPORTANCE of mastering your BREATH. (Not just for the yogis or hippies like myself)


I do have an entire manual I received at the course so I can continuously go back and continue to digest everything I learned. I am really excited for my current as well as future clients who will benefit from the use of PRI principals. Check out the short exercise video that includes some exercises I have already started to incorporate into my sessions.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at optimalaz@yahoo.com

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