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At premier fitness systems we thinks a main cause of many people’s current poor health is lack of basic movement. For most when we think of health or fitness we think of going to the gym and getting on the elliptical or treadmill and following it up with some strength training. These components are pieces of being healthy and fit but only make up a small piece of the overall pie.

We need more! 

What about all the other pieces?

If you look at health from an evolutionary perspective you can see we evolved to move a lot and with a lot of variability. Walk, run, carry, crawl, hang, squat, dip, balance and many other variations of these throughout the day and our lives!

Add these into your routine and some magical things happen! You feel better and move better! 

Our modern world has led us to drastically limit our movement variety throughout our lives. And when we move we do repetitive movements. The sports we play and the activities we have been told we need are very specialized and repetitive. Combine these with other things and we are good but by themselves we limit our movement nutrition too much and end up with limited, tight muscles. 

If you compare movement to nutrition you can see we need lots of different types of movement. Just like the variety of food you need to get a full spectrum of macro and micro nutrients we also need a lot of movement. You can’t be healthy eating a small variety of things and you cant feel good limiting your movement.

Once again we need more! But where should you start? 

Below are some great movements you can add into your routine and workout practice. 

  1. Cat/Cow – Spinal Segmentation 

2. Straddle Hip IR/ER 

3. Half Kneeling Foam Roller Thoracic Rotations 

4. Side Plank with Breathing Reset 

5. Thoracic Spine Integrated Mobilization Drill 


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