How Amy Bockerstette is motivating the golf world and the culture at Premier Fitness Systems

“I Got This.”

In her 21 years on this earth, Amy Bockerstette has motivated many people with her positive outlook on life and undeniable ability to live in the moment! But it wasn’t until the 2019 waste management phoenix open that the world got a chance to learn from Amy! And this is a lesson many of us need.

If you havent seen the viral video check it out below.

Amy’s performance and video was more than another ESPN top plays video. It was a demonstration of human positivity, believe in oneself and the power of living in the moment. Amy embodies these values and being around her is a reminder we all can get more out of life and ourselves if we too can embrace this way of being.

Our team has had the pleasure of spending time with Amy for around 5 months. Amy comes in every Thursday and we work on her strength, coordination, balance and golf performance. But most of all we get to experience Amy’s exuberance for life! Amy is always happy, excited, positive and ready to dominate her workout! This energy and attitude is contagious and a great reminder that we always have control over our mindset. So many people struggle with this. We worry about what is out of our control and not about what we actually have control over. Spending time with Amy is a great reminder for this!

For more information on Amy and her foundation please check out the I GOT THIS FOUNDATION

Amy Bockerstette "I Got This"

2 thoughts on “How Amy Bockerstette is motivating the golf world and the culture at Premier Fitness Systems

  1. Barbara Moss says:

    Brandon, you are so awesome! I am literally in tears watching these videos of Amy. It is such a perfect fit for her to be working with you… One of the most positive, inspiring people I’ve ever met. Congratulations Premier Fitness Systems!

  2. Noor van Hout says:

    Whow! I bought my new MD5 Jaws wedges. I can get them personalised. I couldn’t think of what I want to stamp in my clubs. Now I know! I GOT THIS! Thanks for this inspiration. Love it!

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