5 Reasons why you don’t want to miss this Movement Restoration Workshop

October 21st could just be the day that sets you free! I am so excited to be co-hosting the Original Strength Pressing Reset workshop with my friend fellow RKC Master and CSCS Seth Munsey has been using the Resets for his clients at his gym, Iron Republic in California and seeing results for years. I personally only discovered this system a few years ago and it had a huge impact on the way I trained my clients. I had never heard anyone talk about how your breathing affected your movement outside of the yoga world. I also had never heard of using developmental movement patterns for rehabilitation and I found myself getting excited to be on the floor and crawl around. Original Strength is gaining traction and has already made an impact on Ken Johnson PT, Manager, Rehabilitation Therapy Services, Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center  said “The Original Strength program allows us to tap into the reflexive strength of our patients and is one of the few programs that our team at Johns Hopkins has found meets the foundational needs of virtually every single patient population we see.  Our patient populations consist of medically complex patients with cancer, musculoskeletal, neuro, amputees, or transplant and from professional athletes to the active aging.  It is simple to integrate and we are systematically training all of our outpatient providers and support staff including students, rehab techs, residents, and therapists.”

If you are dealing with discomfort due to a lack of mobility or flexibility then this workshop is going to change your life. Similar to a computer or mobile phone, when it locks up or stops functioning normally, we reboot it or Press RESET allowing it to go back to its original state and again function as it should. Read on about the top 5 resets you can do daily to help you move better so you can live better!!

Click here to register > https://originalstrength.net/event/pressingreset-scottsdale/

  1. Your Diaphragm is a muscle that needs to be worked too.

Not only is this diaphragmatic breathing one of Premier Fitness Systems founding principals, but it is also the first thing you do when you are born. In fact if you don’t know breathe you will die and if you have ever experienced hyperventilation you know how scary it feels when you feel like you can’t breathe. Typically breathing happens automatically and rather unconsciously. Overtime as we grow up, stress, albeit physical or emotional, starts to have an affect on our ability to properly breathe. Certain body positions that we remain in for extensive amounts of time start to create poor posture.  The Central Nervous system perceives this as a threat and we begin to deconstruct proper breathing mechanics because our body is in a state of “fight or flight”. This in turn has an affect on hormone production which translates to how we move both inside and outside the gym. Using Secondary muscles found in the neck and even upper chest area start to take over the role of the diaphragm.  The diaphragm is vital to inner core stability. So if you don’t know how to breathe correctly you will likely not be able to recruit the proper muscle tissues when you are working out. This then can lead to pain or even worse an injury if left unchecked. Breathing is a great reset and for many of us is the first place we need to start when it comes to developing our original strength.

  1. Improve your balance, not with your feet, but with your eyes and head.

There was a time when your head was 25% as big as your body and it weighed about 33% as much as your entire body did. You once developed all the reflexive strength you would need to live a life of strength through learning how to move and control your un-proportionally large head.  More importantly the vestibular system sends motor control signals via the nervous system to the muscles of the eyes. The eyes were designed to lead the head. The head is designed to lead the body so being able to move your eyes and head around helps with your balance and coordination. Through learning proper head control one can master strength and mobility for life. Simply getting on the floor and moving the head and changing your focus can help improve mobility of the upper spine. You can also start to experiment with head and eye positions when you are doing single leg exercises too.

  1. Rolling sharpens your balance and feeds your brain with rich nourishment

Rolling creates tactile feedback to your largest organ and it makes your brain healthy. Your rolling patterns are also connected to your inner core unit. Rolling then becomes another layer of strength on top of the solid foundation that diaphragmatic breathing started. Movement dysfunction is typically a problem with timing and stabilization, rather than a deficiency in strength of prime global movers. “Abnormalities of the rolling patterns frequently expose proximal to distal and distal to proximal sequencing errors, or proprioceptive inefficiency that may present during general motor tasks. Many adults have lost the ability to capture the power or utilize the innate relationship of the head, neck, and shoulders to positively affect coordinated movements.” Rolling is also a beginner variation to rotational movements and sports like baseball, golf, and boxing. This also ties in the importance of head control and using your eyes to help you move. In other words, rolling prepares your body to do complex movements like running, skipping, skiing, and climbing!

  1. Rocking integrates all of the major moving joints of your body.

Quadruped rocking is similar to doing a squat because it works on hips and knees and ankles. It is a closed chain exercise so we learn to use the floor to produce stability and resist gravity by pushing into the ground. It is the prerequisite to crawling which is what you learn to do as a baby after rolling. Rocking also sets and restores your posture. It allows your pelvis and spine to hit the “reset button”. Rocking is another layer of original strength because it activates the vestibular system in a way that can soothe the mind and emotions. What does every mother know how to do to soothe a crying child? Have you ever seen a child rock to soothe itself? Rocking calms humans.

  1. Crawling enables us to play with pets and kids and smile more!

This is one of the best total body movements you can do. It involves all the things: shoulder stability, core stability, balance, fine motor control, and hand separation, etc. Crawling is closely related to gait pattern in that it is a contralateral or cross lateral limb movement. We were designed to walk and run by swinging the right arm forward as we step with our left leg. Crawling coordinates the left and right brain hemispheres and involves neural connections. This continues to build hand eye coordination and has tons of carry over into major lifts like deadlifts, squats, pushups etc. The more we crawl the more efficient our motor patterns become. The better our neural networks are makes our nervous system more efficient which in turns makes us stronger! There are soooo many different ways to crawl and many ways to load the movement once you get good at it.

I believe what you learn can dramatically improve your daily life. The coolest thing is that there is no equipment necessary and can be done anywhere, anytime by almost any human. I hope to see you at Premier Fitness Systems on October 21st, 2017 at 8am.  Have questions or need some assistance restoring your body back to health Contact Coach Paige at coachpaigepfs@gmail.com

**Registration prices will increase 2 weeks prior to the workshop so register now to reserve your spot at a discount.

Click here to register > https://originalstrength.net/event/pressingreset-scottsdale/

Watch this video to hear from the Tim Anderson, founder of Original Strength and what he teaches.

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