4 Exercises For Your New Years Fitness Goals

This is the year you will stick to your new years fitness goals!

One important concept is keeping it simple! To often we over commit ourselves! 

In this post we highlight 4 of our favorite exercises and demonstrate how to safely perform the drills.

Exercise 1: T-Spine Rotations

Exercise 2: Abductor ISO with Reach

Exercise 3:Adductor ISO with Reach

Exercise 4: Box Goblet Squat


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30 Days To a BETTER YOU 

Why Download:

This 30 day program is for anyone looking to improve their health physically, mentally and emotionally. This program is a great guide line and introduction for people who are looking to uncover a better version of themselves. We all should be taking the time to work on ourselves and this program is a great starting point for anyone that is looking to do so. This program is designed with the intention you will follow through for the 30 days once you begin. Results will vary based on how many of the tools you implement into your daily living and how consistent you can be through the full 30 days.

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Why Purchase:

With over 35 different ab/core exercises and 8 weeks of programming, we are excited to provide you with what we consider the best “ab” program on the market and we feel that we have done so with a culmination of exercise selection, difficulty, education and proper coaching cues. This program is NOT for beginners so please make sure you body is healthy enough to perform the exercises. We will be providing routines you can do over the next 8 weeks but please feel free to modify where you need to. The days are set but that’s just a suggestion, it doesn’t have to be these exact days. Adjust the workout days according to your schedule. DO NOT DO THE EXERCISES coupled with power lifts I.E. Bar squat, dead lifts, over head squats, front squats etc. Doing so will increase the chance of lower back injury. If your “abs/core” day falls on one of these power-lifting days please do the exercises at the END of your workout. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our program, we really appreciate it. ENJOY!!

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