10 Weeks – $799 | June 9th – Aug 11th
Mon./Wed./Fri.  7-8:30am & 10-11:30am

Our High School / Collegiate training systems will develop the athlete for their given sport. We have created a program that is centered around specific athletic needs of the desired sport. With a balanced approach in muscular strength, power and endurance development, the athlete will then raise their ceiling of potential in regards to their sport’s specific movements and energy system demands. Speed, agility and plyometric will be systematically integrated into all programs. By creating a powerful combination of strength and athleticism each athlete will have a much greater transfer of training from inside the walls of PFS to their field of competition. The program will also spend considerable time on flexibility (dynamic and static), injury prevention, and allow proper recovery time; which will further empower the athlete to make optimal gains. Additional focus will be spent on reaction time speed, eye-hand coordination and divided attention skills allowing an athlete to combine cognitive processes with physical demands in the most efficient manner.

• Develop proper body mechanics and strength training techniques
• Periodized training will ensure consistent strength and power gains
• Complex training to maximize sport specific gains
• Plyo-metrics will be utilized throughout strength training
• Master proper fundamentals of running training techniques and footwork
• Change of direction drills will increase strength and transfer of training
• Acceleration and explosiveness
• Emphasis on plyo-metric drills
• Efficiency, not QUANTITY
• Intensity is more important than duration once a good foundation is built
• Proper conditioning will help prevent injury and aid in athlete recovery time
• Incorporate sport specific drills
• Conditioning is not the same as speed and agility
• Proper foam rolling and dynamic warm up
• Proper static stretching to help increase resting\muscle length
• Stabilizer muscle strength implemented
• Balance drills will be implemented into strength training


Stephon Mccray
Arizona State University – Offensive Guard, NFL prospect

Big thanks to Joey Bellus and PFS for helping me train and get ready for the Pro Day and keeping me ready for any future opportunity in the NFL. If you are looking for a committed trainer that offers a fun, but serious and friendly environment look to PFS. It’s been a great experience for me. I came out stronger, faster and met a great group of people along the way. Thank you, Joey!

Alexx Astorga
Ferris State – College Softball

“I have been training with Joey since I was a sophomore in high school, I was looking for a trainer that can help me achieve my goal of becoming a collegiate softball player. I found Joey and knew it was a great fit! Joey and his training helped me realize that they’re going to be hurdles that you were going to have to overcome and with his help in guidance, I have been able to do just that both on the softball field and in life. Joey is going to push you to be the best version of yourself athletically and as a person regardless of who you are and where you are starting from.”

Aiden McIntyre

“Everyone always told me you’re too slow, you’re not strong enough, you don’t throw hard enough, to my personal favorite from my high school coach ” you will never play college baseball, your not even close to being as good as those guys.” I am now a college baseball player and need to continue to become better. Flashback 5 years to when I first started training with Joey and he gave me hope when the times I would have quit if I would have let those words become my reality. I stayed training with Joey as a sophomore in high school, I thought training with Joey was cool and nice but at the time I had no idea what huge impact he would have on my life. The workouts are challenging in ways I never thought possible, each time I get better, the workouts become harder, because the training is never stagnant. Thanks to training with Joey I have been able to throw 90 MPH with my previous best being 86 MPH. I want to thank the nagging Joey Bellus, you never want to let Joey down because he will always show up no matter how tired you are and somehow he will get you energized to complete the entire workout, he teaches you to consistently train hard, to give more and to become comfortable with your fears, Joey isn’t just a trainer, he has become my family.”

Rachel Shedd
Collegiate Soccer Center back – Abilene Christian University

“When I met Joey going into my senior season I figured he would be like that the other handful of trainers I had worked with prior. How foolish was I, How foolish was I to think that Joey was just another trainer. I figured I would train with Joey, blend in, and move on. It didn’t take long to see that blending in while training with Joey was not an option, that getting connected and investing in the people around you is what life is all about. I was taught that getting “fit” was not just about how fast you can run, how much weight you squat or how many pull ups you can do. Yes those things do matter as a collegiate athlete but I realized that being “fit” mentally and emotionally is what matters more because being athletic and talented is only going to carry you so far. Every time I trained with Joey I felt like I mattered, that I was anything but average ( a label that had been thrown at me even before I started playing collegiate soccer) Joey cared about my sports performance and he also cared how I was doing as a person, and as I continued to work with Joey, I realized that’s how he treated everyone that he worked with. I can honestly say that I have grown not only as an athlete in ways I never thought possible but also as a person. Joey has slowly dissected all of my doubts, fears, and insecurities and made them seem so small he has shown me that I am so much more than the damaging and demeaning events that I had let define my Journey and that I am worthy enough to accomplish my dreams and wants, no matter how big or small and that believing in myself and my abilities has so much more power and meaning than what other coaches and people have said about me. Joey has help me get rid of all the negative baggage that I was carrying around and has help me find who I have always been; This strong, capable and powerful woman… that I have always been.“