If you have the space we have the same workout you’d get in our studio anywhere you want to take it.  A remote training session is just like working out with a personal trainer in our studio or attending fitness class in gym, but it’s over live video. You have the same interactive, personalized experience but from the comfort of your home, office, hotel room or wherever works for you. You connect with your trainer over our video platform to experience a unique personalized training session.  All you need is a laptop, webcam, internet connection and a little space.

Each program contains our online methodology which explains our approach towards training with some fundamental concepts shown through video. All programs will have the exercises listed and explained through url video links on Youtube!  Our programs are meant to last 4-6 weeks, and please allow a 7 day period to get the program back to the client once the online screen has been completed.

Initial Fee
Online Skype/Facetime assessment
3 workouts written specifically to your needs
Attachments to videos and written explanations
Each subsequent workout is another $100
$100/hr for live one on one training via Skype/Facetime
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