Project Description

Monica’s Transformation

I joined Premier Fitness Systems in January 2013 for their 90-Day Challenge. My gut feeling told me that this studio would be an essential factor in my physical and mental change for the better. I was so right! Premier Fitness Systems unleashed the athlete that I knew was inside of me. PFS taught me how to properly lift weights and train with HIIT (high intensity interval training) in a way that I could take those tools and work with them on my own. My struggles were often more mental in nature and the guidance and feedback I received on nutrition were balanced, practical and priceless.
90 Day Challenge Results:
“Before” weight 153lbs / 27% body fat
“After” weight 143.8lbs / 21.5 % body fat =
9.2 lbs lost / 5.5% body fat lost
CURRENT Results after 180 days –
136.4lbs / 16.1% body fat
Weight Loss to date: 16.6lbs / 10.9% body fat