Why Movement Project?

Return to your primal functionality. Enhance your sedentary life. Create balance.
Premier’s experienced and knowledgeable trainers will get you moving the way your body is supposed to move. We want you to walk out of this facility feeling great about what you have accomplished and knowing that you can achieve anything you want. We aim to empower YOU! Mind, Body, and Spirit.

How Much Does Movement Cost?

Join now at our Founder’s price of only $150 a month for unlimited classes.
Family and current member pricing also available.

When can I achieve Balance?

Movement Project     Mon-Fri@9am.Mon-Fri@5:30pm

Movement project is group-based fitness that incorporates functional components including mobility, strength, balance, agility, and aerobic/anaerobic capacities. The objective is to help individuals feel their best physically and mentally, while creating a community. MP also aims to inspire participants to share their experience and enthusiasm for fitness with each other and their friends and family. Movement project will increase your vitality while challenge you to explore your strengths and develop your weaknesses. A balance between mobility and strength will ensure you leave every class feeling empowered and unrestricted as you face the world.

Dynamic Flow     Sat@9am

Relearning and developing fundamental movement patterns should be the goal of any athlete age 18 to 80. The body is meant to squat, bend, twist, hang, pull, push, crawl, walk, hop, lunge, climb, and run so why aren’t all these patterns part of most people’s workouts? Because let’s face it, most of us aren’t good at them so why would we ever do something we’re not good at? Mastering one’s own body, and being comfortable with movements through all joint angles should be the goal of anyone looking to age with grace and stay injury free. This exciting class will challenge your body to move in ways you didn’t think possible. Our belief is that locomotion, bullet proofing joints, animal flow, body puzzles, gymnastics, martial arts, and hand balancing are just a few of the many facets any good movement program should deliver. We focus on consistent increases in mobility and flexibility and believe this is the most crucial element of this class. So step outside your comfort zone, and come try Scottsdale’s best-kept secret!

Golf Performance     Mon.Wed.Fri@6am

Premier Fitness Systems has put together a revolutionary golf-performance program that brings together top instruction, fitness, flexibility, and some of the best in TPI training.  Most programs focus on basic flexibility and a few golf specific exercises.  Premier’s Golf Performance Program takes it to the next level by taking an educational approach to teaching players how to understand the different facets of fitness (strength, flexibility, posture, balance, alignment, and body position), and how they can take their game to the next level by improving within each segment.  These results coupled with taking a preventative approach to injuries has allowed their clients to stay at the top of their game.