The PFS Creed

“Every decision we make is guided by the passion for helping others”

Greg & Brandon

Our core values empower our employees to fully pursue our mission, realize their potential, and ensure a caring, innovative, challenging, and performance-oriented culture.

The best thing about the Premier Fitness Systems Family is our unique culture. We strive to be a family not just a company.

We realize that this has been paramount to our success and it is our word that as we grow we will not loose this culture!

We created these ten core values to more clearly define what exactly the Premier Fitness Systems Family culture is. Our core values are the foundation that every decision we make are guided by.

When searching for potential employees, we’re looking for people who both understand the need for these core values and are willing to embrace and embody them.

A PFS team member views everyday as an opportunity to grow and move closer to their goals. We are in a constant state of pursuing growth both personally and professionally and realize that this is an active process. A PFS team member realizes that the only way to solve problems is though education and learning and to confront them head-on. A PFS team member is never content with the status quo!
A PFS team member is obsessed with delivering the highest level of customer service and is always results driven. We view taking care of our clients as a top priority and are willing to do what ever it takes to get our clients to achieve their goals. We look for any opportunity to add a personal touch and focus on the little things that add to the experience of being part of the premier family.
A PFS team member is always honest when interacting with others. We use this honesty to build strong relationships that will extend past the time in the studio. A PFS team member always acts with integrity, is compassionate for others and loyal and is a good, active listener. A PFS team member understands that it is not what you say or do but how we make people feel that matters most! We value both the professional and personal relationship we have with our clients.
A PFS team member lives everyday with purpose. We have goals everyday and a plan on how we are going to be successful.  A PFS team member is driven by passion for our business and the opportunity to help others live a healthy life. We are inspired because we love what we do! A PFS team member has a positive, optimistic and energetic attitude because this inspires and motivates everyone around us.
A PFS team member believes in giving back to our community. We believe in helping the community become healthier and doing our part to give back.
A PFS team member takes time to be healthy and strives for balance in our life so that we can teach this skill set to our clients. We live a healthy way of life.
A PFS team member always thinks big and is focused on driving change in everything we do. Our goal is to be leaders and to motivate and inspire our clients to be the best they can be.
A PFS team member realizes that we cant take ourselves to serious. Our success doesn’t alone come from motivating change but is also highly depended on having fun and cultivating an experience. A PFS team member has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself/herself every once and a while. Life is too short to take things to serious. PFS team members are always looking for an opportunity to fully engage in work and bring out the fun and weird side of it
A PFS team member wants to be a part of a family not just a team. We watch out and care for each other and view clients as not clients of individual trainers but as clients of the PFS family. We work together, play together and develop bonds that will last long past out working relationship.
A PFS team member is always respectful of others no matter what the situation. We our confident in our abilities, but never in an arrogant or boastful way. We believe it is more important to be about it than to talk about it and let our character speak for itself!