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Six week Keto Diet challenge complete!

My main reason for this experiment was to test the ketogenic diet for weight loss, decrease in body fat and its anti-cancer effects. Cancer is a horrible disease that affects so many people.

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I can honestly say this is the best I have ever felt! Adding more fat to my diet while getting rid of processed sugar had a positive effect on virtually every aspect of my life! A ketogenic diet might not be for everyone, but I at least advise you to look into it for yourself. Keto Diet Resource

The main reason I started this challenge was that a few people I love diagnosed with cancer. Cancer SUCKS!!!!! Let me say that again, Cancer SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to help however I could! So I dove into research, blogs, podcasts and found some pretty significant findings on how the ketogenic diet can help people with cancer as well as help prevent it.

A great place to start is the Tim Ferriss Podcast. Search Tim Ferriss and end of cancer.

After listening to the Tim Ferris podcast and doing my research, I wanted to give the ketogenic diet a try. I decided to take a blood test to measure my inflammation and document my experience for six weeks. This blog is a documentation of my 6-week experiment with the keto diet. My overall experience was extremely positive. I felt amazing! My sleep was better and my energy, too. And it wasn’t that difficult to maintain the plan during the six weeks.

One of the byproducts of the keto diet is losing weight and body fat without really having to try. When you add healthy fat into your diet and cut out sugar and unnecessary carbohydrates your body learns to use fat as fuel, and as a result, your body fat will go down. I have tried many different types of nutritional plans (diets), and the ketogenic was by far the easiest for me to maintain.

I am not trying to sell anything!! Only potentially expose people to something I believe might change lives. Let me also say I am not trying to convince everyone to run out and do this diet. It probably isn’t for everyone. I have a decent understanding of nutrition but do not claim to be an expert. The majority of my career has focused on movement, performance, and kinesiology. But I would recommend looking into the keto diet and doing some research of your own. So please do your research and talk to your doctor to make sure the ketonic diet is for you.

I never felt better than during this six weeks. I slept better. My strength and performance were not negatively affected. If anything I got stronger and enhanced my fitness level. My energy was more consistent throughout the day, and I got leaner without really trying.

Also, My inflammation decreased by 50%! Which I think is pretty significant.

Below is a list of ketogenic diet benefits. The following comes from the website I agreed with all of these benefits and experienced them myself during my experiment.


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