In my experience as a fitness professional one of the greatest challenges for my clients to adapt to is the importance of nutrition and how much work it really is. I educate clients that for optimal success, just like in your fitness and workout plan, you have to have a nutrition plan as well. Not something written out and handed to the client, but the time and effort put in that is sustainable for a consistent period of time that can be adjusted based on lifestyle. Here are 3 tips that I coach clients on to help improve their nutritional habits.

  1. Ask for help and accountability: This is what we are here for as professionals, ask us for help and be committed to what we have to recommend. Things I don’t want hear are “Well what do you eat?” Or “Can you write me out a meal plan?” Changing your nutritional habits takes time and commitment. I love sitting down with clients and breaking down a plan for the next 4 weeks. What’s their goal this next 4 weeks? How many times have you eaten out the last month? What’s the biggest problem currently with your nutrition? These are questions I ask and have helped clients get on the right foot to changing their habits.
  2. Eat out frequently? Check out the menu online before you go: I can’t think of one restaurant that doesn’t have their menu online. Check out the menu before hand to choose something that you know will be a good decision. Majority of the population want to go out to “enjoy” a meal, not eat something healthy. I try to coach clients on what’s more important, your goals and health? Or that one desert you “have” to have at the end of the meal? Stay committed and disciplined, these are small changes that clients can make not only to help with their habits, but also reach their goals faster.
  3. When grocery shopping, have a prep list, and buy enough protein to prepare for the week: Having a prep list helps motivate clients to prepare meals for the week. It’s the best recommendation I give to clients who have trouble cooking. If clients don’t take the time to prep their meals for the week, the first instinct usually is “I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll pick something up.” Time is a valuable, so taking a lazy Sunday and turning it into a prep day is one idea. If a client has a family to feed, make it a group activity or family night. Gives clients the motivation to help their family be healthy, involved with the process, and a support system for their goals.

These are just 3 tips to help with nutritional habits. Always be prepared and have a plan. Do you need help with your nutritional plan? Contact Us today!