After 15 years of working in the fitness industry, the biggest regret I have looking back was lifting like a “typical bro.” Yes, I said bro. It is a species unlike any other, who does not believe in utilizing every muscle in the body to create solid movement. Yes, I was guilty at one time in my life, but gaining knowledge after all of these years has shown me the light! – The solution is movement.

What I mean by that is the body is well-balanced machine. Throw it off even a little, and it will be thrown out of whack. Lets take weight training for example, a person only will train half of the muscle groups for ten to fifteen years, while neglecting the other half. What is the end result of this neglect? A low back injury perhaps, tendonitis in the rotator cuff, or maybe even neck problems from the countless years of shrugging with the worst form you have ever seen. It’s like tightening all the bolts on one side of the Golden Gate Bridge twice as much as the other side for 20 years and hoping the bridge didn’t experience any major problems. The thing is most people don’t even stop to think about what they’re doing.

Now that I’m 37, the simple answer is trying to rebalance my body from all the years of neglect. It’s definitely not easy, and working your gluteus and low back can’t compete with a serious arm pump, but it’s a necessary evil to make sure my body isn’t completely screwed up by 50. If I want to keep doing what I love every day in the gym, I have to rebalance my muscles and then keep it that way moving forward. The solution is movement. It is important to regain the necessary movement the body needs to function properly, and that is our specialty Premier Fitness Systems. By undoing all the bad patterns I put in place due to having such tight muscles, and starting to use some of those muscles that never got worked in the gym, I know that I am setting myself up for success. Recapturing my range of motion and working on flexibility in all the muscles I over trained has completely changed the way I feel. A balanced body that focuses on movement in all muscle groups is the key to success, and I am thankful to help people find that success day in and day out.