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Too much time in front of a desk, injuries, vanity dominant strength training, and age are the biggest contributing factors to the demise of a golfer’s swing over time. The body writes new software to work around injuries or tightness and once these dysfunctional patterns are put into action the body continues to use them.  The problem is that now the body is stuck with inefficient movement patterns.  So the job still gets done but at the cost of putting unnecessary torque on certain joints and with a decrease in performance due to non optimal patterns being used.

We have determined with over twenty five years of experience, which areas as they relate to performance and risk of injury for a golfer, that we can impact in the shortest amount of time to change a golfer’s game forever.  We have put together this workout to address these impact zones.  This workout focuses on opening up both the hips and shoulders, two of the tightest muscles on most golfers.  The exercises further address ones ability to maintain a better spine angle for consistency and increasing your separation to improve club head speed and driving distance.  Give this workout a try, whether you’re at home or want to take it to the gym with you.  These exercises are all guaranteed to improve your game and help with injury prevention as well.


Table: 10-15 reps

This is a great exercise to help open up the chest and shoulders as well as get the glutes starting to fire and opening up the hips.

Theraband Split Stance Rotations: 12-15 reps

Cable Split Stance Rotations: 12-15 reps

Both of these exercises are great for helping get into your turn as well as helping to create better separation between the upper and lower body.

Reachbacks: 10-15 reps

This exercise is great for opening up the chest and getting the glutes and low back to engage.


DB Reverse Fly’s: 12-15 reps

Great exercise to strengthen the rear delts and help to maintain better spine angle during the swing.