Come get the best workout in Scottsdale at Premier Fitness Systems and see what your workouts are missing.  One of the most overlooked essentials in fitness today is mobility and flexibility work.  You look around the gym and most people’s version of a warm up is five minutes on a treadmill before they do the same workout routine they’ve been doing since 2005.  What people don’t realize is there body is getting older and tighter every day and they’re in the one place they can do something about it, yet they somehow never do. 

Part of this stems from lack of knowledge on the subject, but for most it’s the fact that working on mobility and flexibility is hard.  Probably harder than their chest and triceps Monday workout that hasn’t changed in months besides the occasional exercise they throw in because it was just in Men’s Health.  The thing is it’s the one constant that should be part of every workout and I’m not talking about five minutes worth either. 

For starters, every workout should start with a dynamic warm up which is standard routine for every athlete at Premier Fitness Systems.  Rather than getting on a treadmill or an elliptical, learn to use your entire body for six to ten minutes so when you’re done warming up, your whole body is ready to rock.  Dynamic stretching is an optimal way to prep your body prior to exercise.  It’s like stretching meets yoga with some core work thrown in.  By starting to sequence exercises in a certain order you can slowly open up your joints and lengthen the muscles prior to exercise while also bringing up body temperature which makes the muscles more pliable and ready to handle the stress of exercise. 

Just throwing any exercises and stretches together doesn’t constitute a good warm up either.  At Premier Fitness Systems we put together an ideal sequence of exercises to maximize how we open up our clients joints.  We do so in such a way that one exercise feeds into the next, opening up the body exercise by exercise.  This flow of movements is more effective and allows for the body to get into a better rhythm and get more from the joints.  This in turn allows for all of our clients to see significant changes in their movement patterns and their flexibility. 

The reason we put so much emphasis on movement at Premier Fitness Systems is that most people are guilty of building strength on top of dysfunction.  People’s bodies don’t work right yet they still want to pound the weights putting undo stress on their joints, which makes the problem even worse.  Our belief is that you have to move right first before you do anything else.  Good movement is the foundation in which you build everything else in the gym.  If you can’t bend down and touch your toes or crab walk across the floor like a six year old can do with ease, you need to start there, not with crunches and bench press. 

We blend flexibility and mobility exercises into our training in three ways at Premier.  Outside of the warm up, we use them to superset with other exercises to challenge muscles in a different way, to drive intensity, and as a form of active rest so that our clients are efficient with their time.  By taking a challenging mobility exercise and pairing it with a traditional strength exercise, both targeting the same muscle or group of muscles, you can keep them muscle working for twice as long and be improving mobility at the same time.  These types or exercises can be very challenging, so by using them throughout the workout we can also use them to drive intensity.  Sometimes when a client gets their heart rate up and we want to give them a chance to bring it down we will do a forty five second low intensity mobility exercise to give the clients heart rate a chance to come down but work on their flexibility rather than just standing around.

Our goal at Premier Fitness Systems is to make our clients workouts as efficient as possible.  By sprinkling mobility and flexibility exercises throughout our client’s workouts we’re able to get fifteen to twenty minutes and movement work in most of our sessions. Our belief is that clients should work on mobility three to four times a week for a minimum of fifteen minutes.  A lot of people think stretching is stupid or a waste of time, but with over twenty five years of experience we have seen that peoples bodies are so messed up by the time they get into their fifties and it’s too late.  We can help to some degree, but if clients would have seen the writing on the wall in their twenties or thirties they could have come into their fifties moving like a twenty year old and would still be able to do what they love instead of having to hang up their cleats, or clubs, or racquet.  It’s not too late, and this is your S.O.S. call.  Don’t wait, come learn from the best how to start doing something about your ability to move today at Premier Fitness Systems.