We want to introduce our newest Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Specialist.

Gina Cellucci

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Starting at a young age Gina’s natural athletic talents and competitive attitude set her up for greatness in every sport and athletic activity she participated in.  Whether it was basketball, volleyball, track and field, soccer, cross country, or water sports, Gina always strives to be the best no matter what.  Gina grew up in Northern Illinois in Long Lake where water sports and living a very active lifestyle was a way of life.  Gina holds family and religion close to her heart.  Learning that staying active and healthy made her happy she continued to learn new sports and encourage others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  Gina moved to Arizona in September 2013 to start her dream job as a TPI certified golf fitness trainer and continue her education at Arizona State University.  Throughout high school she was one of four graduating seniors who were honored with the “Coach Fred Loffredo Athlete Award,” in recognition to being a four year three sport student athlete.  She was awarded multiple honors, MVP’s, leadership awards, and All Conference/All Area titles throughout every sports.  Sports are Gina’s burning passion and could not live without them in her life.  Gina graduated from Grant Community High School with honors, in Fox Lake, IL, in May 2009.

  • Education Southern Illinois University, Bachelors of Applied Sciences and Arts in Healthcare Management, Minor in Sociology (May 2013), Arizona State University, Masters of Sciences in Nutrition (Projected 2016)
  • Certifications TPI, Titleist Performance Institute Level 1, TPI, Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Fitness Professional, American Red Cross CPR AED Certified, NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT Certified Personal Trainer (Projected 2014), NSCA, CSCS (Projected 2015)

Gina’s burning passion and love for sports and the fitness industry did not become an obsession until she went to college at Southern Illinois University.  Gina majored in Healthcare Management and got a minor in Sociology.  At SIU, Gina participated in numerous intramural sports teams and consistently brought her squads to the playoffs season after season. Whether it was flag football, basketball, golf, volleyball, soccer, or softball, she always strived to win and stay competitive.  Gina then decided to pursue her ambitious dreams in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and TPI certified golf fitness trainer.  She plans to continue her education at Arizona State University with getting her Masters in Exercise and Wellness, possibly compete in competitive figure competitions, acquire fitness industry sponsors, and chase her dreams to be an elite fitness model. Gina’s passion is to educate others on the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle, she truly enjoys what she does every day, and wants to help others get healthy and happy.  Having a positive attitude about everything she does, Gina is sure to keep you motivated, become healthy, and help you reach your fitness goals.

Gina is lives what she preaches and leads a VERY active lifestyle.  She is a total workout and fitness enthusiast, blogger, and cook!

She specializes in:

Nutrition, Women’s Fitness, Golf Performance and Golf Fitness, Group Fitness Classes, Weight Training, Athletic Performance, Strength and Conditioning, and Weight Loss.

Gina uses a blend of strength and conditioning training techniques, which include:

Weight Training, Circuit Training, Plyometric, Performance Training, and more…

What does personal training with Gina do for you?

  • Keeps you motivated, focused and committed to your goals.
  • Helps you make the most of your time.
  • Creates a benchmark for measuring your performance.
  • Instructs you on the correct way to workout.

With an extensive networking group, Gina is set up for greatness.  Some of her close friends and connections include multiple professional athletes (NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL, AFL, and more) and fitness industry sponsored athletes:

MMA Athlete

  • Garrett Gross (Professional Fighter and Trainer)

Sponsored Fitness Athletes/Models

  • Colleen Gallagher (WBFF PRO, Fitness Gurls, Trainer and Owner of Team Knockout and The FitGal)
  • Tim Chezem (GNC Ambassador, NPC Physique Competitor, Trainer and Nutrition Consultant)

NFL Athletes

  • Brian Smith (Notre Dame, Buffalo Bills)
  • Kapron Lewis-Moore (Notre Dame, Baltimore Ravens)
  • Jayson DiManche (Southern Illinois University, Cincinnati Bengals)
  • …and more.

Gina is definitely a highly qualified personal trainer specializing in weight loss, muscle building, conditioning, lifestyle coaching and Golf Fitness and Golf Performance. Gina understands that every client is different, and creates personalized fitness programs suited to specific goals, that will help you achieve maximum potential.  She has mastered the art of creating structured body transformation programs that not only help people achieve their health and fitness goals, but also have fun along the way!  She is dedicated to serving individuals by providing them with the knowledge, encouragement, motivation, and individual attention necessary to reach their full potential.

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